Choosing the Best Artificial Grass for Your Garden

Imagine never having to mow your lawn again, while at the same time knowing it’ll look fantastic for years to come. With real turf, that’s clearly an impossible dream. Choose an artificial grass garden, however, and you’ll make that dream a reality.

As synthetic turf has long been associated with sports facilities, you might assume an artificial lawn would be rough and unattractive. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Modern man-made turf looks natural, feels soft and is an asset to any property. As a result, growing numbers of homeowners are creating gorgeous gardens with faux grass.

If you’re considering adding artificial grass to your garden, read on for insights into its benefits and how to select the best artificial grass for your needs.

Advantages of Artificial Grass for Homeowners

In residential settings, synthetic grass makes a fantastic alternative to traditional turf.

  • Beautiful all year round – artificial lawns can cope with changing weather and extremes of temperature. Whatever Mother Nature does, your garden will look lovely.
  • Fade-resistant colour – even if you lay synthetic grass in a particularly sunny spot, UV protection technology means the turf won’t lose its lush green appearance.
  • Guaranteed results for landscaping projects – with artificial turf, you eliminate the risk of your lawn dying and ruining your garden. It’s also ideal for balconies and roof gardens, where real grass is often too heavy.
  • Easy to clean – if pets leave ‘presents’ behind or you drop something, you can easily hose down the area with artificial grass disinfectant. Find here Lars Room Additions of San Diego. That makes synthetic turf ideal if you have children or animals and therefore want a resilient, hygienic lawn.
  • Easy to care for – say goodbye to time-consuming grass cutting, costly watering and harmful pesticides! Looking after man-made turf involves little more than removing fallen leaves and power-brushing the lawn occasionally to make its pile stand up. If you’re busy, not green-fingered or have limited mobility, faux grass is invaluable.
  • No more holes or mud – artificial turf can’t be dug up, so your dog won’t create holes in your garden or leave muddy paw prints on carpets.

The Best Artificial Grass to Suit Your Needs

Artificial grass is far from one-size-fits-all; an impressive range of shades, thicknesses and textures are available. You’re sure to find a style to complement your garden.

  • For a sophisticated, ‘just-mowed’ appearance, choose short pile. One of our bestsellers, Dawn, is 10mm thick and so makes gardens look perfectly manicured.
  • Look for c-shaped yarn if your garden gets frequent use, as it makes the grass even more hardwearing. That’s why Anna and Pasha are perfect for active families.
  • For ultra-realism, or to help artificial grass blend in with living turf, you’ll want multiple shades and a ‘dead grass’ infill. That’s what gives Victoria a particularly natural look.
  • If you have young kids or like walking barefoot, lay synthetic grass with s-shaped yarn for extra softness. Fabrianna is especially comfortable underfoot.
  • When a no-frills lawn is required, try what’s called ‘entry-level’ turf. For example, Sarah has one shade of green but still looks convincing.

Whichever artificial grass product you pick, rest assured that all of ours are made using cutting-edge production techniques. Check out Plus, they don’t require sand infills to look good.

Expert Help to Lay Your Artificial Lawn

Our experienced team offer a professional artificial grass fitting service in Surrey and Middlesex. We’ll ensure your lawn is laid on a solid framework and in the correct direction, has excellent drainage and resists weed-growth. We’ll power-brush it too.

For a stunning artificial grass garden, call Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service on 020 8224 0830 or contact us online today.

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