Complete Garden Makeover – A Surrey Garden Case Study

From Soggy and Muddy to an Elegant, Modern Outdoor Space

When Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service met Phil and Helen from Woking, Surrey, they were fed up of their muddy back garden, and wanted us to revitalise it and transform it into a comfortable, elegant outdoor space.

Our experienced landscapers worked hard to create a beautiful garden that’s a joy to relax in and easy to maintain. Fil and Helen are delighted with the result (and their dog, Sam, loves it too!).

Read our Complete Garden Makeover Case Study to discover how we transformed the couple’s garden.

From Muddy Mess to Vibrant Lounge Extension

Phil and Helen inherited their garden when they moved into the property around ten years ago. The lawn was in a terrible state. It sloped down towards the house, so the lower lawn area was almost permanently wet and muddy, and the grass grew sporadically and was generally in poor condition. To add to their woes, their dog, Sam, liked to ‘help’ with the gardening by digging in the muddy lawn.

The patio and garden fence also looked tired and ravaged by the great British weather. As a result, the garden looked a little unloved and wasn’t a particularly enticing space to spend time in. A complete garden makeover was indeed needed.

We consulted at length with Fil and Helen to understand the design and feel they desired for their garden. It became clear that they wanted a vibrant yet relaxing outdoor space that felt like an extension of their house while maintaining a lawn area for Sam to play in.

The Complete Garden Makeover – The Transformation

Our first task in this complete garden makeover was to level out the slope to prevent water from pooling at the bottom of the garden. To achieve this, we dug out over 12 tonnes of soil.

Next, we set to work laying a sunken patio, in line with the patio doors. We marked the patio border using tanalised timber railway sleepers, commercial leak detection in San Diego make everything easier. These are ideal, as the wood has been treated with powerful preservatives so it can lie next to wet earth without turning rotten.

For the foundation, we used a layer of type 1 crushed limestone that we carefully levelled. Then we laid a patio of grey Indian sandstone slabs, an elegant stone that complemented the grey doors and flooring inside the extension. We used different slab sizes to add interest and make the space appear larger.

We continued the use of sleepers to construct a step between the patio and lawn, and to create raised borders either side of the lawn, which we dressed with bark chips. This also formed a wooden framework in which to lay the artificial grass.

We prepared the ground using crushed hardcore, a layer of sharp sand, and a weed membrane to prevent weed growth from pushing up underneath the grass. Then we rolled out the lush lawn and securely fastened it with rustproof screws.

The final step in the complete garden makeover was to replace the weather-beaten fencing around the garden perimeter. We removed the old boundary fence and replaced it with a closeboard fence, constructed on a solid foundation of concrete gravelboards and supported with concrete posts. Here you can find more info about Downsizing San Diego. This was topped with a square trellis for aesthetic effect and added security, and complemented with a new garden gate.

Happy Customers

Phil and Helen’s garden looks completely transformed. The patio provides an outdoor living area for the couple to relax in, while the vibrant lawn looks stunning and is easy to maintain. What’s more, it discourages Sam from digging up the garden – but he doesn’t mind, as he loves rolling on the artificial grass!

Meanwhile, the new gate and fence complement the new garden and provide added security.

Fil and Helen expressed their delight and amazement at the finished garden and gave us a glowing review. They complimented our ‘excellent design ideas’, ‘eye for detail’, and ‘suggestions for reducing costs’.

They praised us for ‘always being on time’, ‘working a full day’, and ‘keeping them updated with progression’. And they recognised that we ‘left the garden as tidy as possible throughout the works’ and ‘were always polite and respectful of their home’.

Finally, they had this to say:

‘I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tom and Dene of Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service for any garden project you would need to undertake.’

Surrey Gardening and Landscaping Specialists

Our comprehensive gardening and landscaping services are perfect when you want to revitalise your outdoor space. We have the design expertise and practical skills to bring your dream garden to life.

If you’d like us to transform your garden, contact Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service to request a no-obligation quote. Please call 020 8224 0830 or contact us online.

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