Courtyard Garden Makeover: From Dull and Drab to Vibrant Outside Space

When Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service met Rui Vasconcelos from Walton on Thames, he was bored of his dull, drab courtyard garden and wanted us to give it a fresh lease of life.

Our experienced landscapers transformed the space, creating a vibrant outdoor area that’s easy to maintain. Rui was delighted, both with our work and our communication and customer service.

Read on to discover how we completed this speedy garden makeover…

The finished garden – a vibrant outdoor space

From Dull Patio to Beautiful Lawn

Rui’s small courtyard garden badly needed a new lease of life. It was paved with old, dirty patio stones that made the space appear small and uninviting. Rui wanted a fresh green space that was pleasant to sit and relax in, but easy to maintain.

We discussed a few options with Rui. Ripping up the patio and laying a natural lawn would have been time-consuming, and there were no guarantees that grass would flourish in this small, enclosed space. So we suggested laying a lush artificial lawn instead; a job that could be completed in a fraction of the time with instant results.

Rui agreed, and chose our popular Sasha artificial lawn. He also requested that we create a feeling of space in his small backyard, and install a new gate to keep his garden secure.

The Garden Makeover – A Complete Transformation

Our first task was to create a feeling of spaciousness in the garden and form a seating area where Rui could sit and enjoy his outdoor space. We designed the seating area to be in the opposite corner to the bushes. This would help to balance the back garden and create an interesting feature next to the plain fence.

Creating the seating area

We installed sturdy railway sleepers along both sides of the fence, stepping them to a height of three in the far corner to draw the eye and make the space feel cosy. We placed the sleepers a short distance from the fence, making a natural raised bed area for planting.

The sleepers were made from UC4 tanalised wood. This is ideal, as it’s been specifically treated with powerful preservatives, allowing it to maintain contact with the ground without turning rotten.

Laying the foundations for the artificial lawn

Next we turned our attention to the lawn. Because we were laying the grass over the top of an existing patio, we used a 25mm shockpad underlay. This has two benefits. It masks the feeling of the solid patio beneath, creating a softer, more natural feel, and it reduces the likelihood that the lines between the patio stones would show underneath the grass.

Once this was in place, we laid the Sasha artificial lawn and fixed it with rustproof screws. Because the artificial grass had been delivered in a roll, we used an electric powerbrush to revitalise the grass, giving it a natural appearance and making it feel springy underfoot.

Powerbrushing the lawn after installation

In order to protect Rui’s new back garden from unwelcome guests, we also fitted a sturdy wooden gate.

The new back gate

A Work in Progress

Rui’s courtyard garden is a work in progress. Once we’d built the planters and laid the lawn, Rui requested our professional opinion on the types of plants and trees he could grow to finish off his lovely new garden.

We suggested planting a beautiful burgundy acer tree in a tall pot behind the seating area. Check This is a gorgeous tree with leaves that range from brilliant orange to scarlet red, and it will make the garden feel warm and inviting, and give it height and structure.

Rui intended to fill the planters with soil, but we recommended filling the space with small white stones, then using a variety of different sized, colourful pots to add interest and colour to the garden.

Finally, we suggested using small statues and mirrors along the fence to open the garden out, and installing low-level lighting within the planters to highlight these fun features.

A Delighted Customer

Rui’s new lawn looks lush and inviting, and it’s easy to maintain. Here you can find blair supply corp. Once Rui has added our suggested finishing touches, it will be a cosy, inviting space where he can make the most of the good ole English sunshine and enjoy a drink or a meal in beautiful surroundings.

Rui is delighted with his lovely new garden, and was especially pleased with our communication and transparent pricing, stating:

Dene and his team provided a full breakdown of costs, which other people were reluctant to do, and stuck to those costs. There was good communication from start to finish and I’m very happy with the work.’

Expert Landscaping and Garden Makeover services in Surrey and Middlesex

Our gardening and landscaping services are perfect for transforming your outside space, inspired Blue Spruce Maids from Arvada. From laying an artificial lawn to creating a seating area and advising you on plants and accessories for your garden, we can help you create the garden of your dreams.

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