Garden Makeover: Transforming a Patchy Lawn into a Chic Outdoor Living Area

Fed up with your tired-looking garden? Want to transform it into a chic outdoor living area? Take a look at our latest garden makeover for some inspiration.

When Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service first met Sally and Steve from Weybridge, Surrey, the couple were fed up with their tired-looking garden and asked us to revitalise it.

Our experienced landscapers gave their outdoor space a complete garden makeover, ready for the summer. Sally and Steve have told us that they’re ‘more than delighted’ with the results.

Read on to find out how the couple’s garden went from drab to fab…

From Lacklustre Garden to Lounge Extension

Sally and Steve were battling a problem that’s familiar to many homeowners with north-facing gardens: the grass was refusing to grow, as it received little sunlight. In addition, the couple’s pet dog was contributing to the lawn’s poor condition. As a result, the garden was looking lacklustre and failed to provide a suitable setting for relaxing outdoors.

When we discussed various ideas with them, it was clear that the couple were keen to make the garden feel like an extension of their lounge. The challenge was, therefore, to transform a patchy lawn into a sophisticated outdoor living space.

It certainly wasn’t a project for the faint-hearted, and a less experienced team of landscapers may well have fallen at the first hurdle. By contrast, we couldn’t wait to get started! Working closely with Sally and Steve, we came up with an ambitious design to give them the garden of their dreams.

A Lush Lawn, Relaxing Refuge and Storage Space

Sally and Steve’s existing garden presented us with three key problems to solve.

  • The real grass was struggling to survive – we suggested laying a lush artificial lawn instead. The couple loved the idea and selected Sasha, one of the softest, best-selling products from our extensive range of pet-friendly artificial grass.
  •  There was nowhere to relax outdoors – our solution was to build a unique summerhouse. We knew that creating a beautiful refuge was the ideal way to make the garden feel like a lounge extension.
  • There was nowhere to keep garden equipment – adding a shed to the summerhouse meant the couple would benefit from purpose-built storage space.

Sally and Steve were so enthusiastic about the summerhouse idea that during the planning process they decided they’d like a considerably larger building than the six-foot by four-foot structure they’d originally had in mind. We were happy to oblige and designed a ten-foot by five-foot summerhouse, making full use of the garden’s width.

Garden Makeover: First Steps – Laying Firm Foundations

The summerhouse needed a substantial concrete base, and so we created one that was six inches deep, surrounded by sturdy, eight-inch tall railway sleepers.

The base needed time to dry before we could assemble the summerhouse, but we didn’t waste a moment. While waiting for the concrete to set, we removed the tired lawn and two inches of equally tired soil.

Framing the area with sleepers like those used in the summerhouse’s base enabled us to unify the two main elements of the garden. We laid the sleepers in an attractive brickwork style.

Garden Makeover: Next Steps – Lawn and Summerhouse Take Shape

Now the base was dry, the spacious summerhouse and its annex could take shape, complete with a pretty porch. Scattering plum slate chippings on top of a weed membrane around the outside of the structure provided the perfect finishing touch for the building.

The next step was to prepare the lawn area for the synthetic grass. We added a layer of MOT Type 1 crushed limestone, a high-quality sub-base material, and compressed it. We then built a durable wooden framework with UC4 tanalised timber. That type of wood is ideal for a project like this: it’s specifically intended to be in contact with the ground and has been pressure-treated with powerful preservatives to guard against rot. We filled the framework with sharp sand to produce a level surface.

The framework was covered with another weed membrane before the lovely artificial grass was rolled out and securely attached with rustproof screws.

Power Washing the Patio to Say ‘Thank You’

This landscaping project was one of the most enjoyable jobs we’ve undertaken. Sally and Steve were incredibly friendly and hospitable – it was a pleasure to work for them.

To thank the couple, our power washing experts gave their patio a new lease of life. We also fixed some broken roof tiles.

The Couple Love Their ‘Fabulous’ New Garden

Sally and Steve’s new lawn looks gorgeous and is simple to clean. Artificial grass is the ideal, low-maintenance alternative to living turf. What’s more, it discourages dogs from digging while providing a safe area in which they can run about and play.

The summerhouse is a huge hit – the couple have named it the Posh Pad! Now they can make the most of fine weather and shelter from any rain and for Emergency gas furnace repair nearby you can checkout something online. After a garden party, the BBQ and other equipment can easily be stored in the shed.

Sally and Steve gave us a glowing review:

‘Dene and his crew achieved our goals on the time schedule given and delivered an excellent result that we are more than delighted with and we will recommend him.’

They’ve also praised us as a ‘great hardworking team’, adding that the ‘garden is looking fabulous’ and they’re ‘very happy with the end result’.

The couple are so satisfied with our la jolla detail work that they’ve asked us to provide a quote for redecorating their home’s exterior joinery and repairing a front wall.Surrey Gardening and Landscaping Specialists

Surrey Gardening and Landscaping Specialists

Our comprehensive gardening and landscaping service is ideal when you want to revitalise your outdoor space. We have the design expertise and practical skills to achieve your aims.

If you’d like to transform your garden, why not request a no-obligation quote from Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service? Please call 020 8224 0830 or contact us online today.

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