Creating an Easy-to-Maintain Garden for a Couple to Enjoy

When one of our loyal customers, Graham from Walton-on-Thames, began to find his overgrown back garden too difficult to look after, he asked Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service to transform it.

We completed a large landscaping project, enabling Graham and his wife to make the most of their outdoor space while minimising the maintenance needed to keep it looking great.

Graham praises us as ‘honest, hardworking and eager to oblige’. Here’s why…

From Overgrown Jungle to a Joy to Behold

Our property maintenance experts had already worked for Graham twice before giving his garden a new lease of life. He’d initially got in touch about our fencing services, asking us to replace a worn-out section of fence. Soon Graham had another job for us: clearing the garden, which resembled a jungle, complete with a broken greenhouse.

We worked hard to tame Graham’s overgrown garden so he’d feel in control of his outdoor space. The fact we removed more than half a dozen van loads of garden waste should give you an idea of the considerable scale of the clearing work. As licensed waste handlers, we relieved Graham of the burden of waste disposal by sending the rubbish to recycling facilities.

What had once been a jungle was now a blank canvas. Graham was so pleased with our work that he invited us back for a third time. He knew he could rely on us to transform his blank canvas into a garden that’s a joy to behold.

Designing the Ideal Garden for the Couple’s Needs

We talked to Graham and his wife, Elizabeth, about what they wanted to achieve with their outdoor space and how we could fulfil its potential. The next step involved drawing on our landscaping expertise to design the ideal garden for their needs.

The major problem with the existing garden was the uneven ground. As Graham’s mobility is limited, the lack of flat surfaces stopped the couple enjoying their outdoor space together.

With that in mind, we identified two key aims for the landscaping project:

  • To improve the garden’s accessibility, creating a safe, level, inviting area
  • To ensure the garden is simple to maintain, but attractive

Overcoming Challenges Posed by the Property

For levelling and landscaping, a mini digger and tracked barrow were required. However, Graham’s home has no side entrance. How could we bring bulky equipment into the garden when there was no possibility of gaining entry via conventional means?

Our capable team rose to the challenge, devising an innovative solution. We obtained permission to drive the digger and tracked barrow through Graham’s next-door neighbour’s garage and stonewalled garden. It was an incredibly tight squeeze – we drove back and forth through an area only 10mm wider than the equipment! Height was another issue; it was necessary to remove the digger’s buckets and dismantle the safety cage. In addition, we had to take down part of the boundary fence to drive the equipment into Graham’s garden.

Thanks to the accuracy of our driving and technical knowledge, a major access problem was resolved without any damage to property

Garden Features and Finishing Touches

The soil we dug out with the mini digger and tracked barrow had seen better days. We sent it away for recycling and replaced it with high-quality Rolawn soil. After levelling the ground, we laid lush, hardwearing Rolawn Medallion turf. By laying each row in a different direction to the previous one, we created an appealing ‘striped’ lawn

The offset raised planters we made from sturdy sleepers provide a focal point. Their fertile soil, weed membrane and bark chip give plants an excellent start in life. We ensured they could be seen from the dining area, where Graham and Elizabeth spend most of their time. The planters’ height is advantageous, as there’s no need to kneel on the ground when tending to them. We created a raised bed at the front of the garden for the same reason.

Graham requested a large potting shed, and we were happy to oblige. We built the roomy structure on a concrete platform. Finishing touches included a glazed window and window box. To make the shed easy to access, we laid a beautiful Indian sandstone pathway.

Showing Our Appreciation with Free Power Washing

As a special thank you to Graham and his neighbour for giving us continued access to their properties, we used our power washing equipment to clean both driveways free of charge.

Our ‘Quick and Skilled’ Team Exceed Expectations

Now Graham and Elizabeth have a secure, beautiful garden. What’s more, Graham is able to enjoy gardening there . He recently invited us back to admire his planting. He plans to paint the shed sage and put a hedge round the garden’s perimeter.

Graham has this to say about the quality of our services:

‘I first contacted the Extreme Handyman Service to replace a small garden fence. I found them quick and skilled, and so some months later asked them to quote to clear my rear garden, and to landscape it afresh, check out flood damage restoration services. They have just completed the task, and I am very pleased with the outcome. All five of their staff – Dean, Tom, Duncan, Danny and Colin – I found to be honest, hardworking and eager to oblige. I would recommend them without reservation.’

We’re delighted he thinks so highly of us and feel sure the garden will flourish.

Expert Landscaping in Surrey and Middlesex

Our gardening and landscaping services encompass everything from lawn cutting to building summerhouses. Whatever your needs, we can help you to achieve the garden of your dreams.

For help transforming your garden, please call Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service on 020 8224 0830 or contact us online today.

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