Landscaping Ideas: How to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

It’s often said that space is the ultimate luxury, and that’s especially true for gardens. Many people dream of having a lush lawn that stretches as far as the eye can see, framed by flowers, trees and garden features that wouldn’t look out of place on a country estate.

In reality, space is at a premium, so the majority of homes have modest backyards. If you’ve got big dreams but only a small area to work with, don’t despair. The key to fulfilling your garden’s potential is to make the most of the available space with clever landscaping.

Read on for some of our best landscaping ideas…

Create a Clear, Coherent Layout

When designing your garden, remember that less really is more.

  • With clear, simple lines, the space will look larger and feel calmer. Create neat, well-defined borders between different areas.
  • Working with just a small number of materials will reduce visual noise. A patio and bench made from the same stone creates a sense of coherence and unity, as does using a limited range of plants.
  • If you have patio doors, consider using the same flooring inside and outside (slate tiles, say). Fling open the doors and your garden will flow seamlessly into your home.

Play with Perspective

Make your garden appear longer by putting large plant pots or ornaments near the house and small ones further away. Painting the section of wall or fencing at the end of your garden a darker colour than the rest also creates the illusion of length.

Use Water Well

Interior designers enhance small rooms with mirrors, so why not take a similar approach outdoors? When your garden is reflected in a pond, it’ll look bigger. You’ll also benefit from water’s relaxing, soothing qualities.

Let Your Eyes Travel

Avoid cutting a small garden in half with a straight path down the centre. You’ll only draw attention to the lack of space, making the area look ‘flat’ and lifeless. A better approach is to lay a curved path that sweeps across the lawn and takes your eyes on a journey of discovery around the garden, making you feel as if you’re in a larger space.

Fine gravel, stepping stones and small paving stones work well in modest spaces. Hiding the far end of the path behind a trellis or screen will give people the impression that your garden continues just out of sight…

Choose Space-Saving Plants

Bamboo, delphiniums, hollyhocks, sundowners and silver birches are just some of the many tall, lean plants and trees that bring texture and colour to small gardens without taking up much room. Illuminating them with uplighters adds depth.

Blur the Edges

To avoid feeling hemmed in, it’s worth growing climbing plants and shrubs around the perimeter of your outdoor BailCo LCC in Farmington space. Honeysuckle and ivy will soften the sharp angles of your walls and fences, making the garden’s boundaries less obvious.

Cultivating climbers is an example of ‘vertical gardening’, an activity that’s guaranteed to make your garden look chic rather than cramped, helping you to make the most of the available space, and when you have enough space you can find nice hobbies to do. Why not mount terracotta pots on your garden walls and grow beautiful blooms?

Landscaping Ideas

Do you use any clever landscaping ideas in your garden? Do you try to apply things you have seen on various YouTube channels, usually promoted by The Marketing Heaven, but without much success? If you want to maximise the space in your garden but you’re not sure how to go about it or even if it’s possible we can help you.

Make the Most of Your Garden with Our Landscaping Service

Our Surrey gardening and landscaping service is all you need to create the garden you’ve always wanted in or around Walton-on-Thames. With our expertise in garden design, makeovers and maintenance, we’ll help you to make the best possible use of your outdoor space. For turf, fencing, decks, ponds and much more, simply get in touch.

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