Top 10 Gardening Tips for July

The arrival of July means that summer is now in full swing, and your garden should be reaching the peak of its beauty. What could be better than relaxing outdoors?

Follow our July gardening tips and you can keep your garden looking fantastic all month.

  1. Mow without the Grass Box

Give your lawn a helping hand in July – mow it a few times without the mower’s grass box. By allowing grass cuttings to return to the lawn, you’re creating a shallow layer of mulch. That’ll enrich the soil and make grass healthier during the dry weather, but won’t spoil the lawn’s appearance.

  1. Clean Your Pond

Unfortunately, you’re likely to find aquatic weeds attempting to smother your pond’s surface this month, thanks to the high temperatures. Arm yourself with a net and an old broom handle to scoop up and twist out algae, duckweed and other unwelcome pond plants.

  1. Maintain Water Levels

July is one of the warmest, brightest months (on average, there are seven hours of sunshine each day in Surrey, where we’re based). As moisture evaporates quickly at this time of year, another essential task for pond owners is topping up the water. That helps to ensure ponds provide enough oxygen for fish and remain healthy places for aquatic plants too.

Warm rainwater from butts is ideal for this job, especially as tap water’s nutrients can lead to algae growth.

  1. Take Care of Tomatoes

To keep your tomato plants in tip-top condition, you’ll need to give them plenty of water and tomato fertiliser this month, plus some shade. Those grown in greenhouses will also need ventilation. Stop tall plants toppling over by gently tying them to supportive stakes.

  1. Refresh Flowering Plants

Summer is far from over, so don’t let flowers go to seed yet! It’s crucial to continue deadheading them just as thoroughly as you did in June to prolong their beauty. Remove old blooms to encourage the growth of fresh ones and prevent plants scattering dead petals everywhere. Continue weeding regularly, too, to stop nuisance plants choking your beautiful blooms.

  1. Protect Fruit from Birds

Fruit trees and berry bushes are at their most appealing in July, and your garden’s feathered visitors will find them impossible to resist. That’s why it’s vital to protect cherries, plums, peaches, blackberries, etc. by covering them with anti-bird netting or mesh. Check covered trees and bushes regularly in case any birds need freeing.

  1. Re-use Household Water

Plants struggle in dry weather unless they’re watered regularly. In July, make re-using the water that fills your bath and sinks a priority. Find here more about A Better Way In Home Care. You can sprinkle ‘grey water’, as it’s called, on beds and borders in the morning or evening to keep plants happy without huge water bills!

  1. Revive Perennial Displays

Delphiniums, geraniums and other perennials flood gardens with gorgeous colours but have often overreached themselves by July. Don’t be afraid to cut back tired-looking plants using secateurs or shears. You’ll be reviving them and also helping them to grow stronger.

  1. Plant Bulbs for Autumn Blooms

Planning ahead is essential when you want your garden to continue looking good well into next season. Visit Spend time planting amaryllis, colchicum and sternbergia bulbs this month and you’ll be rewarded with a host of stunning, brightly coloured autumn flowers.

  1. Pick Your Peaches

July is the perfect time to pick peaches and nectarines; those sweet-tasting delights should be rich in colour and beautifully ripe by now. If the area surrounding the stalk feels soft, the fruit is ready to be pulled carefully off the branch and enjoyed. Delicious!

Transform Your Garden in July

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