Top 10 Gardening Tips for June

June marks the start of summer, the time of year when we all want to enjoy our gardens as much as possible. The sunlight and warmth draws us outside while encouraging the natural world to burst into life.

To help ensure that your outdoor space is as glorious as the weather, here’s our gardening tips for June.

  1. Make Your Lawn Lusher

You want your lawn to look inviting, but hot weather can make it dry and yellow. To perk up the grass before it gets too bad, apply summer lawn fertiliser in June. The nitrogen in the fertiliser encourages growth, while the potassium helps grass to cope with low rainfall.

  1. Add Splashes of Colour

What should you plant in June? Don’t miss the chance to transform your garden quickly and easily with vibrant summer bedding plants, including Busy Lizzies, geraniums and petunias, which are on the cusp of blooming. They add colour to flowerbeds and containers.

  1. Separate Spring Bulbs

June is the perfect time to give spring bulbs a new lease of life. By digging up plants such as bluebells (which grow in crowded clusters), separating them into single bulbs and re-planting them with space between each one, you’ll give them more room to bloom.

  1. Weed Flowerbeds and Borders

Unfortunately, it’s not just flowers that are growing with great vigour this month. Weeds can be at their most annoying in June, so it’s vital to remove them regularly with a hoe (for seedlings) or fork (for established weeds). Avoid leaving roots behind, especially if you’re dealing with bindweed, or you’ll soon see re-growth.

  1. Make Mowing a Priority

Another regular task for June is mowing the lawn to promote healthy growth and prevent weeds from taking hold. Keep the blades of grass about an inch high in the summer – cutting them much shorter will weaken them. Getting the mower out twice a week is ideal.

  1. Pick Succulent Strawberries

One of the greatest joys for gardeners at this time of year is eating succulent, homegrown strawberries. The Honeoye variety, in particular, should be juicy throughout June. For the best taste, pick the ripest, reddest strawberries you can find on an especially warm day.

  1. Avoid Aphid Attacks

Keep your eyes peeled for aphids in June, especially if you grow soft fruits, as the tiny pests are searching for summer ‘host’ plants. While pesticides may seem like the obvious solution, they put bees and other pollinators at risk. A better approach at this time of year is to remove aphid infestations by hand.

  1. Sow Seeds for Future Seasons

Gardens look so wonderful in the summer it’s easy to be distracted by the beauty all around you and forget to plan ahead. Our certified technicians will help you design your unique dream garden. To help you stay on track, sow seeds for next year’s spring flowers in your greenhouse now – delphiniums and lupins are lovely examples.

  1. Act Quickly in a Heatwave

June’s balmy weather can easily turn into a heatwave, which can be bad news for plants, especially young ones. In very hot, dry conditions, it’s vital to water plants twice a day. Avoid watering them during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm), or else too much moisture will evaporate.

  1. Keep Blooms Blooming

Remove flower heads that are past their best with secateurs. Deadheading has a transformative effect – rather than being left to set seed, flowering plants are encouraged to produce fresh blooms. Think of it as an easy and fast anti-ageing treatment that ensures your garden stays beautiful throughout June and beyond!

If you’ve found our Gardening Tips for June helpful, we’d really appreciate if you could share the guide – thank you!

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