Our New Service: Purified, Hot Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning Service

The world of window cleaning is evolving. At Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service, we’ve decided to get in on the action, by adding a state-of-the-art waterfed pole window cleaning service (WFP) that uses hot, purified water.

Waterfed pole window cleaning services have become more prevalent in recent years, thanks to their greater efficiency and hassle-free operation. The system is also much safer for window cleaners than traditional ladder window cleaning. (It’s better for the plants surrounding the foot of your property, too!)

Our new service combines the best of both worlds. We bring together the benefits of using warm water from traditional ladder window cleaning services, with the ease and reach of the waterfed pole system, which mostly uses cold water.

What Is Purified Water?

Purified water is water that’s been treated to reduce its chemical and contaminant content. To be classed as purified water, it must have an impurity load of less than 10 parts per million, which makes it of higher purity than spring water, filtered water, and tap water. That’s right – we’re cleaning windows with better quality water than we regularly drink!

Why Is Purified Water So Good for Cleaning Windows?

Using purified water might seem a bit excessive, but it’s a great solution for non-chemical waterfed pole window cleaning services, for the following reasons:

  • The water is so pure it doesn’t leave any residue or spots, resulting in a streak-free finish without the need for chemical cleaning products.
  • The purer the water, the better it is at removing dirt, so it will make your windows, frames, and sills cleaner.
  • It will dilute any pollutants found on your windows, including rainwater and air pollution, meaning your windows stay cleaner for longer.

These benefits, combined with the hot water temperature that aids its cleaning power, means we can provide our customers with a complete cleaning solution.

The Benefits of Using Hot Water

Think about any other type of household cleaning at sunflower maids – washing the dishes, washing your clothes, even washing yourself. Would you carry out any of this using cold water? Probably not. Yet for years, using cold water has been the norm in window cleaning, mostly due to convenience and lower running costs. However, the benefits of our hot water system are clear:

  • Hot water kills bacteria, so germs and living bacteria on your windows are reduced.
  • Hot water removes grease marks and stains, which cold water wouldn’t remove.
  • Hot water cleans more effectively, as the heat helps dissolve and remove dirt particles.
  • Hot water systems can be used all year round.

Try Our New Window Cleaning Service>

As with all of our services, we aim to provide the best quality work for the best possible price. Check here https://619roofing.com/. Our window cleaning service may be slightly more expensive than other local businesses, but our water-fed pole system coupled with hot, purified water brings far superior results.

Whether you’d like to book a one-off window clean to see how we can make a difference to the appearance of your property or you’d like to book us on a regular schedule, contact Extreme Handyman, Fencing and Decorating Service today to make an enquiry.

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